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Streamline your virtual meeting and webinar production with outsourced support solutions for corporate education, companies and government.

Why MeetBee?

We have years of experience developing the best in-class approach to virtual meetings and webinars.
MeetBee works on your chosen platform.
With our solutions, you can save time, reduce cost to company
and benefit from expertly managed virtual meetings with 24 hour global support.
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Turnkey virtual services
From logistics, presenter support with in-meeting hosts and producers to post session analytics, MeetBee provides seamless and secure virtual meetings and webinars for businesses, organizations, and training companies.
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24/7 global support
With 24/7 support, you can be certain that someone is always available to help you with any of your needs. Our team is always ready to provide reliable, friendly assistance and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.
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Reduce cost to company
MeetBee provides solutions that could reduce your costs from failed or poorly managed virtual meetings. Create deflationary growth through outsourcing the critical skills necessary to ensure successful meeting outcomes.
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Consulting and advisory
Our advisory services are based on years of experience in presenting and producing virtual meetings and webinars. We can help you plan, prepare and organize meetings that are both productive and successful.
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Platform flexibility
MeetBee's advantage is that we work with the platform you prefer. Whether it's Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, ON24 or others, your meetings and webinars can be supported professionally in fully equipped virtual rooms.
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Free up internal resources
Maximize efficiency and productivity by choosing our team that can support your virtual meetings whenever you would need them. Reduce internal resources by outsourcing to MeetBee and open up your time to focus on key business outcomes.

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Serving Global Industries

We offer comprehensive virtual meeting and webinar services to a wide range of industries.
Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each industry, providing high quality and cost effective approaches for
Continuing Professional Education or Development, Virtual Instructor-Led training and Global Multinational companies.

Here are some of the platforms we support:
Zoom logoGoogle Meet logoMicrosoft Teams logoCisco Webex logoVerizon BlueJeans logoAdobe Connect logoGoTo Meeting logoJitsi logoRongCentral logoStreamyard logoTrueConf logoON24 logo

CPE Webinars Outsourcing Services

Continuous or Continuing Professional Education or Development companies typically use either an internal team or freelancers to support their webinars with varying levels of success and higher staffing costs. Outsource your end-to-end webinar production needs to MeetBee. From room setup, live webinar producing and participant support to posting credits, we cover all your needs.
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Image of participants attending a webinar where they are able to see a presentation as well as have access to resource materials. They are all on camera

Live Virtual Instructor-Led Training Services

As demand grows for virtual training, you need a partner that understands your needs for a great learner experience. We can provide virtual rooms and hosts that support trainers to develop an interactive learning environment through effective breakout and engagement tool management while minimizing tech challenges.
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Image of person in a Webex meeting who's smiling while raising his hand virtually via the reactions tabImage of a Webex meeting with participants all on camera, using reactions and looking engaged

High-Stakes Company Meeting Support

Virtual high-stakes meetings, town hall gatherings, corporate announcements and confidential discussions need the right solutions. Companies need presenter and participant support with the option of enhanced virtual room security to ensure successful outcomes.
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Image of a calendar as well as a notification about an upcoming higgh-stakes meeting organized by MeetBeeImage of calendar and notification of a company high-stakes meeting organised by MeetBee

Zoom / Teams Sales Training

You know that your sales and client-facing teams are NOT as effective in selling and engaging virtually as they are in-person.

What is this costing you and your business?

Develop their potential through MeetBee's 2-hour Masterclass, specifically designed for client-facing people and sales teams.
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Image depicting options you can use in a virtual meeting which is taught in MeetBee's training solution.
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