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Our mission is to transform the virtual meeting and webinar environment where the technology,
the presenters and their participants are supported by us to make meetings better.

The Opportunity

MeetBee started in the middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic by our two co-founders, Elan Ressel and Marc Chase. Both Elan and Marc are experienced virtual facilitators and had been working for a number of years with numerous global multinational companies.
In addition to their backgrounds as virtual facilitators, they also have extensive experience as virtual hosts, running all the technical aspects of producing effective virtual meetings, while also doing so with effective presence – a main topic that they train and coach global leaders on.
As country after country began locking down, forcing the work-from-home movement to flourish, they noticed a complete flip from in-person training to virtual training, which brought with it an undeniable opportunity. Was it a fad? Would it be over in a matter of weeks? Only time would tell…
Image depicting a globe with the MeetBee purple and blue colours.
Image of Elan Ressel - Co-Founder and CEO of MeetBee
Elan Ressel
Co-Founder and CEO at MeetBee Ltd
Image of Marc Chase - Co-Founder of MeetBee
Marc Chase
Co-Founder at MeetBee Ltd

Advisory Council

Image of Carol Lempert who is on the MeetBee advisory panel
Carol Lempert
Supercharging Business Leaders Executive Presence
Carol is a sought-after leadership expert who has been quoted in Forbes Magazine, The Financial Post, The National Post, The Detroit Free Press and The London Free Press. She started her career as a professional actress and now teaches business leaders how to increase their executive presence by learning the skills actors use to have great stage and screen presence. She has found that Storytelling is a skill that amplifies executive presence ten-fold. Carol has a Masters degree in Communication and Performance from York University.
Image of Richard Richards who is on the MeetBee advisory panel
Richard Richards
Champion of Your Personal Presence: In-Person and Virtual
Richard Richards is originally from the UK and currently lives in Bournemouth, UK. He has lived and worked outside the UK for most of the last 47 years (Germany, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Argentina, Nicaragua, Spain, USA). His rich, overseas experiences have given him a deep appreciation for the world and its many peoples, including plenty of practice in working, coaching, and facilitating virtually! He has coached individuals and facilitated and designed workshops for clients all over the world and across many industries. This has included financial services companies (Citi, American Express, The Acumen Fund, Wellington Management), pharmaceuticals (Abbott, Bayer, IDEXX), technology (Accenture, Cognizant, Nos, Stripe), universities (Duke, Harvard, Bath, IHEID, Darden) and consulting firms (Boston Consulting, OliverWyman), among others.
Image of Sally Cox who is on the MeetBee advisory panel
Sally Cox
eLearning Developer, Instructional Designer, Video Producer
Video Producer, Global Field Enablement: Create/edit short, impactful videos for Sales team. I manage our new Video Studio, powered by the Vimeo platform. Additionally, I design mobile app icons, logos, thumbnails. My instructional design work includes creating/managing enablement content, video, & graphics for our LMS and yearly sales conference. I publish a weekly “Happy Friday” fun team newsletter to increase team engagement.

Shaping the World of Virtual Meeting and Webinars

After incorporating the company in Malta originally known as HostBee (a country Marc had lived and worked in for a number of years), they began recruiting and training others from California to Cape Town, who they felt embodied their same ethos and work ethic. They viewed the act of virtual hosting (or producing as it was sometimes known in certain markets) as a new profession that they were at the helm of crafting and shaping.
The ‘Bee’ in the company name was in reference to the fact that in a bee hive, all the bees are individual insects, but they all contribute collectively to the betterment of the community as a whole.
Virtual hosting or producing, was indeed a team sport.
More and more companies started utilising their services throughout Europe, Australia, Africa and the USA. They soon began offering hosting services in German and then French to cater for this growing need. Meanwhile, many companies were trying to navigate these new virtual waters by using internal resources who ‘knew a lot about Zoom’ to host their virtual meetings. Some looked to freelance individuals who had built up a good word-of-mouth reputation to host their sessions, but this quickly became an issue when more than one host was needed or the individual was unavailable for a specific time or date. Cheaper wasn’t necessarily the best option.
Image with a purple and blue honeycomb effect with random images of people.
Image of a part of a globe with a honeycomb effect of participants with floating MeetBee logos.
HostBee knew that effective logistics management and in-meeting backup support were a necessity to move from the ‘lone ranger’ type of hosting or producing, to a professionally managed service that offered always available hosts, in multiple languages, with 24-hour backup support, to cater for the inevitable time when challenges would be met. As the saying goes, “The Show Must Go On”, and it was only with these important elements that this could be guaranteed.
Clients began asking for additional services and HostBee was happy to oblige. This opened up new opportunities to provide presentation formatting, virtual room setup logistics and content repurposing of recorded events, thereby transforming the company into a holistic Virtual Meeting Solutions Company, MeetBee Ltd.
Abstract image in purple and blue colours with both the MeetBee company logo as well as the Malta Enterprise organisation logo.

Funding for Growth

MeetBee then captured the attention of Malta Enterprise
(the business funding arm of the Maltese Government where MeetBee is based) in 2021 and was awarded with a business grant to help them expand operations within Malta and offer their services to their existing markets as well as expand into other regions around the world.

During 2023 MeetBee formalised its first Global Support Centre
in Malta.
Artistic image with the side profile of an AI imagined woman.

The Future

After celebrating their 3rd anniversary as a growth stage startup, and looking through the lens and seeing a global opportunity, MeetBee is poised to best take advantage of the constantly growing and evolving virtual landscape.
Many organisations are coming to the conclusion that with the constant updates and changes occurring within the multitude of virtual platforms, running effective virtual meetings and webinars is best left to the professionals.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We actively work with companies in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.
Whatever your timezone or location, we can provide solutions for your next virtual meeting or webinar.
Here’s what some of our clients say about MeetBee:
The MeetBee team has a professional attitude, great service delivery while being reliable and creative in providing solutions. They are also cost effective and besides all, it is a pleasure to work with them personally.
Steven H | Senior Manager Event Consultancy | German Multinational Company
When selecting a service provider, our primary requirements are reliability, top-tier support for back-up, and honesty. These are the pillars of our relationship with any external provider. MeetBee not only meets these requirements, they surpass them regularly.
Leila T | Senior Production Specialist | Leading North American CPE Company
Our company has been using MeetBee for all our
virtual training sessions and we couldn't be happier.
The facilitators feel much more supported
and the participants are showing greater engagement.
Jeffrey C | Learning Coordinator | UK based Training Company
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