Training: Run Better Virtual Meetings Yourself

When you’re the Presenter or Organizer of a virtual meeting, it can be extremely daunting and stressful. Not only are you thinking about whether your content is meaningful and well designed, and whether you’re going to achieve your desired outcome, but also, you’re doing your best to engage your virtual audience and adequately ‘read the room’. Where is that setting again to enable the waiting room? Are they going to be able to hear the video that you want to share? How do you see your notes within your PowerPoint again? Where is the annotation function on this platform? These are just some of the questions rushing through your mind.
If you’re fortunate to have a virtual host or producer supporting you, that can help tremendously. But you need to also know how best to work with them. And what do you do if you have to fly solo – unsupported?
If only you had more extensive knowledge of the special tips, tricks and techniques you need to get the most out of your chosen platform so that you can present and perform at your best – whether you are supported or not.
That’s where MeetBee’s Virtual Platform Training can help.
Image showing different options and settings found in Zoom, Teams and Webex

Here's what you'll discover during the Virtual Platform Training Program:

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Learn about some of the most common errors that people make when organizing and presenting virtually and how to overcome these.
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Discover how to come across in the best possible way and set your own presenting screen up for success. This includes learning the best way to utilize the features and apps within your chosen platform and how to implement them most efficiently.
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Equip yourself with techniques and tools that allow you to best engage with your audience when you're organizing your virtual meeting solo or presenting all on your own.
Become confident and competent as you learn in a non-technical and highly practical hands-on way.
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We offer:
  • A detailed and on-demand pre-assessment to determine each participant’s competency levels on your specific platform
  • A report that details the experience and familiarity level of each participant
  • A recommendation of next steps to improve each participant’s confidence and competence level

In session

We offer:
  • Explanation of each platform’s different roles and the capabilities of each
  • Training on how best to share your presentation and/or video
  • Ideal setup for presenting whether on one or with multiple screens
  • How best to engage using each platform’s built in tools (Polls, Chat, Q&A and more)
  • How best to work with external engagement tools
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls
  • How to use the most effective AI tools to summarize, record and make you more efficient
  • An opportunity to ask all your questions that you’ve always been too afraid to ask
An image showing a block referencing a secure meeting room link while the second block shows participants in a film strip while the presenter is talking with produced background and graphics. The room is also supported by MeetBee's live real-time translations and captions.
An image depicting a person taking a post program MeetBee virtual platform assessment and receiving a better score of 72%

Post session

We offer:
  • A conclusion survey to determine competence and confidence once the training has been concluded
  • A conclusive report detailing each participant’s key take-aways and most important learnings
  • A quick reference handout with reminders of the easiest ways to access commonly required features and functions
  • Access to ongoing training tools including update videos on the latest and greatest features within your chosen platform and how best to implement them as a Presenter or Organizer
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