64% of attendees believe that a virtual producer can provide technical support and troubleshoot issues during a virtual meeting.
Source: WUCS, The Impact of Virtual Meetings
69% of respondents believe that working with virtual meeting professionals can result in customized solutions that meet the specific needs of the virtual meeting.
Doodle, "The State of Meetings Report 2019"

Have you been in a meeting or webinar that wasn't managed effectively?

Here's how MeetBee transforms your virtual meeting challenges into solutions:
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Lack of participant engagement due to unfamiliarity of platform tools.
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Presenters with low presence due to physical room setup and camera technique.
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Poor platform support leading to technical mistakes during virtual meetings.
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Low quality audio and video virtual meeting experience.
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On-camera best practices, presentation training and room setup advice.
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Benefit from the use of virtual rooms supporting HD video and high quality audio.
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Elevated engagement with the latest platform tools used the right way.
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Skilled support team with expertly managed rooms and pre-meeting checks.

Ensure Meeting Success with Our Tailored Support Solutions

Our services are designed to enhance your virtual meeting and webinar experience and maximize success.
From logistics and scheduling to global live in-meeting support, we offer a wide range of services to meet your needs.
An image showing a man looking at a computer screen supporting a MeetBee virtual meeting
Presenter preparation
Without the proper training, guidance and experience, being on-camera can feel awkward when presenting virtually. We can provide the best advice on your camera setup and room background and train on how to look into the camera for best audience engagement.
An image showing three people sitting around a table while AI generated images fill the walls of their room. These people are combining the virtual and hybrid environment while being in a breakout
From training online to business networking 'speed dating', breakouts offer in-depth discussions and hands-on experiences for virtual meeting attendees, enhancing the overall level of engagement and delivering valuable insights. Let us coordinate this for your virtual session.
An image showing an empty meeting room with a break time clock overlayed on the image
Break time management
Virtual meeting fatigue can decrease engagement and increase participant multitasking. Our break time management guidelines makes sure that your participants have the necessary time to recharge, reducing burnout and increasing overall attention.
An image with a chat window open from a virtual meeting from MeetBee with background images of different participants.
Participant interaction
Personalized attendee responses enhance virtual meeting and webinar engagement. With our hosts and producers being able to provide real-time support and personalized attention to your participants, their overall experience can be improved.
An image showing text windows confirming that a meeting has a secure connection and is authenticated.
Technical check-in
Effective preparation ensures a smooth and seamless virtual meeting experience for all attendees. Our technical check-in service offers thorough and efficient equipment and systems checks, reducing technical issues and maximizing the success of your event.
An image showing a person providing 24/7 global support from MeetBee to a virtual meeting or webinar
Global live in-meeting support
Having the backup and support during a session allows for a successful virtual event experience. Our team provides real-time assistance and technical support to attendees worldwide, through instant chat, email and phone.

Our solutions work in your industry

Whether you're looking to improve your processes, increase efficiency, or lower costs,
our virtual meeting and webinar solutions will allow you to focus on your core business.
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CPE Webinar Services

Continuous or Continuing Professional Education or Development companies typically use either an internal team or freelancers to support their webinars with varying levels of success and higher staffing costs. Outsource your end-to-end webinar needs to MeetBee. From room setup, live webinar producing and participant support to posting credits, we cover all your needs.
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Image of person in a virtual meeting raising their handImage of a virtual training session with a presentation being shared and participants looking engaged

Live Virtual Instructor-Led Training Services

As demand grows for virtual training, you need a partner that understands your needs for a great learner experience. We can provide virtual rooms and hosts that support trainers to develop an interactive learning environment through effective breakout and engagement tool management while minimizing tech challenges.
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Image of participants in a Microsoft Teams meeting being supported by MeetBee

High-Stakes Company Meetings

Virtual high-stakes meetings, town hall gatherings, corporate announcements and confidential discussions need the right solutions. Companies need presenter and participant support with the option of enhanced virtual room security to ensure successful outcomes.
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Image of participants in a Microsoft Teams training session being supported by MeetBee

Zoom / Teams Training for Sales

You know that your sales and client-facing teams are NOT as effective in selling and engaging virtually as they are in-person.
What is this costing you and your business?
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What our clients say about us

We actively work with companies in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.
Whatever your timezone or location, we can provide solutions for your next virtual meeting or webinar.
Here’s what some of our clients say about MeetBee:
The MeetBee team has a professional attitude, great service delivery while being reliable and creative in providing solutions. They are also cost effective and besides all, it is a pleasure to work with them personally.
Steven H | Senior Manager Event Consultancy | German Multinational Company
When selecting a service provider, our primary requirements are reliability, top-tier support for back-up, and honesty. These are the pillars of our relationship with any external provider. MeetBee not only meets these requirements, they surpass them regularly.
Leila T | Senior Production Specialist | Leading North American CPE Company
Our company has been using MeetBee for all our virtual training sessions and we couldn't be happier. The facilitators feel much more supported and the participants are showing greater engagement.
Jeffrey C | Learning Coordinator | UK based Training Company

Case studies

Streamlining Online Meetings
with MeetBee
A multinational corporation utilised MeetBee's services to streamline their online meetings and saw a marked improvement in efficiency and productivity. Technical planning and pre-session check-ins bundled with live in-meeting support ensured smooth and uninterrupted meetings.
Image of participants in a MeetBee virtual meeting
Global Multinational
Sales Conference Assistance
A global multinational company approached MeetBee to assist them with a large virtual sales conference. More than 700 participants were to be placed into small breakout groups, simultaneously via a dozen meeting rooms each with their own hosts numerous times throughout the conference, to facilitate networking and brainstorming sessions. MeetBee carefully consulted, provided recommendations, and then implemented the solutions to efficiently provide for this need.
Global Multinational Sales Conference Assistance - MeetBee
UK Retail Company
Training Rollout to Stores
A training company in the UK approached MeetBee to assist with the hosting of over 100 training sessions throughout the UK. The training was regarding a number of new initiatives that were being rolled out throughout the client’s vast retail network. MeetBee facilitated this by scheduling these sessions in Zoom and then Microsoft Teams, helping both participants and facilitators to troubleshoot any technical issues during the sessions. Detailed reports were compiled and consolidated after each session to provide management insight as to the effectiveness of the initiatives.
UK Retail CompanyTraining Rollout to Stores -  MeetBee
CPE Turnkey
Virtual Webinar Solution
A large North American CPE provider approached MeetBee to assist with the virtual production of their monthly webinars. This included room setup, presenter and attendee support during each session, presentation and poll question management, and also the posting of credits for each attendee after each session. Additional services included the reformatting of each presenter’s presentation into the appropriate company template.
MeetBee now supports dozens of these virtual webinars monthly, freeing up the CPE provider to reduce internal resources and provide deflationary growth to the company.
CPE Turnkey Virtual Webinar Solution - MeetBee
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