Reduce Internal Risk by Outsourcing your
CPE Webinar Production

Continuing Professional Education providers face risks when internal resources are dedicated to webinar production.
MeetBee offers solutions by outsourcing webinar management, mitigating issues related to knowledge retention due to employee turnover or illnesses. This enables CPE providers to operate efficiently, reducing fixed costs, or scale effectively by freeing up internal resources while maintaining service quality.
That’s where MeetBee can assist.
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We help CPE and CPD providers to operate more efficiently by lowering fixed costs or to scale more effectively by freeing up internal resources while maintaining their high quality of service and reputation.
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We provide you with an outsourced, professional end-to-end solution, focused exclusively on the successful production of webinars to provide a seamless experience for both presenters and attendees.
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We work with your existing team and virtual meeting platform to offer you peace-of-mind for each of your CPE webinars. You can relax knowing that we are handling all the details so you can focus on what matters most.
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Logistics and Room Setup

We offer:
  • Presentation editing and reformatting to ensure your brand identity remains consistent and professional;
  • Virtual room setup and quality check according to defined processes to ensure consistency and accuracy;
  • Production of attendee materials in accordance with your defined specifications, ensuring minimal support emails and calls;
  • Constant communication and feedback to your internal team and your presenters with meeting information and feedback to ensure clarity and efficiency.

In-Meeting Producing & Support

We offer:
  • Pre-meeting check-ins with your presenters to establish order of operations and any bespoke needs or requirements, so the session runs smoothly;
  • In-meeting support and feedback to participants, presenters and your internal team via your preferred communication platform;
  • Global support to cater for any unforeseen in-session challenges to ensure the best possible experience for attendees and presenters.
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Credit Posting

We offer:
  • Prompt and accurate credit posting so that attendees get credit for their attendance and their participation;
  • Notes of any technical reasons why attendees may not have been able to participate fully;
  • Feedback and open communication to all stakeholders to ensure that any issues are minimised and resolved.

As we work together with your company more and more,
our team will begin to build institutional knowledge and experience,
so that challenges can be learned from, and minimised for future sessions.

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