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As a global multinational company, your team is spread throughout the world in multiple time zones, and you know how challenging it is to orchestrate and organize virtual town halls, team updates and global announcements.
Arranging and coordinating the meeting is one thing, but then you also have to manage access, record the virtual meetings and share those recordings with the appropriate people in a timely manner.
It can also be stressful and challenging to spotlight the right speakers at the right time, assign Q&As to the right person and drive the multitude of presentation decks on time, so that your presenters can get their message across clearly and concisely.
If only you had an expert partner who could assist you to lift some of the heavy load, or even run things for you.
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That's where MeetBee can help

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We have the expertise working with global multinational companies, successfully arranging and managing all kinds of virtual high-stakes meetings, from town halls to global updates to announcements, and even virtual conference calls.
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Our virtual hosts are expertly trained to deal with high stakes virtual meetings. We carefully manage access to your meetings, and through the use of advanced security settings in our dedicated rooms, are able to ensure that your meeting content is secured and shared only with those authorised to see it.
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We also assist with the logistics and setup of your virtual meetings, so that you can simply send an email and know that your virtual meeting will be arranged and managed by professionals who know you and your meeting outcomes.

Ensure Meeting Success with
our Tailored Support Solutions

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We offer:
  • Consulting to establish your exact needs and security requirements
  • Building and creation of meeting templates to best suit your particular meeting needs
  • Creation of custom user policy packages for different user types within your organisation
  • Creation of virtual branded lobby rooms (platform dependent)
  • Establishment of nature of meeting and any confidentiality requirements such as watermarking, recording limitations and ETEE (end-to-end-encryption)
  • Presenter advice, training and support to maximize their delivery effectiveness and engagement with participants

In-meeting hosting
and support

We offer:
  • Enablement of brand approved backgrounds that tie in with your corporate identity and brand guidelines to ensure that your company brand and culture is embodied in every one of your virtual meetings
  • Presentation driving on behalf of meeting presenters
  • Optimized media and content sharing
  • Real time speaker spotlighting
  • Recording facilitation with internal and/or external systems
  • Breakout room implementation to facilitate small group discussions
  • Enablement of live translations for captions offering your participants AI-powered real-time translations from a variety of spoken languages
  • Live streaming of your meeting or event through RTMP
  • ChatGPT enabled meeting rooms (platform dependent)
Image depicting a Microsoft Teams meeting using advanced sharing techniques enabling the presenter to see the participants, their PowerPoint and chat in the same window.
Image depicting Microsoft Teams Premium features focusing on AI powered note taking and recording support from MeetBee.

Post meeting

We offer:
  • Recorded video editing, and secure access management
  • Intelligent recap with automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights to help you get the information most important to you
  • AI-generated chapters divide the meeting into sections so it’s easy to pick and choose the content most relevant to you. Intelligent recap will automatically generate meeting chapters based on the meeting transcript as well
Let us provide you with solutions for your
next company virtual meeting.
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