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As a training company, you know what it takes to run a successful in-person program. There’s room setup, refreshments, comfort breaks, whiteboards, flipcharts and markers, as well as the participant materials. It’s a lot to think about and organize.

But when it comes to Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), there is even more that needs to be arranged. You could do it all yourself with internal resources or find a freelancer who may know how some of the platforms work. Are they really skilled enough and up to date on all the latest features of your chosen platform? What if your program is in a different time zone or you need more than one host?
Why are you spending so much time arranging a host when this isn’t even your core business?
Image showing a virtual meeting participant seeming engaged while virtually raising their hand.Image of spotlighted presenter, facilitating to participants who are on camera how to adjust their virtual meeting settings.

That’s why we think you need MeetBee:

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We have an extensive background in working with training companies around the world to best assist them with their VILT sessions. You can leave the logistical setup and technical support of all your virtual sessions to us, so that you can focus on more important matters – like delivering expert training.
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We provide hosts that are not only expertly trained and constantly updated on all the different platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet and more, but also, they communicate with excellent virtual presence. Our virtual producers are not simply background IT support with no personality and monosyllabic responses. We believe in interacting and collaborating with your facilitators to create a true partnership and a united front to your clients.
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We also work with your existing team of Customer Success Managers and Program Managers to ensure that all goes off smoothly and successfully, every time.

We ensure that:

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The virtual rooms selected are setup correctly with program materials ready and engagement tools prepared.
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Your facilitators are comfortable and set up for success.
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Your sessions are managed by a 24 hour support team who can jump into your sessions at any time to assist.
This leaves you with security and peace-of-mind, your facilitators satisfied and supported, and your clients impressed and wanting more.
An image showing three blocks. The first image showing the start time of the meeting. The second block showing the pre meeting setup with a MeetBee virtual meeting producer and host while the third block is a sound check meter.

Logistics and Virtual Room Setup

We offer:
  • Consulting with your CSM's and Program managers to establish requirements for each specific session in a program;
  • Scheduling of each session on the client’s preferred platform to ensure that all features are active and operational – including 1080p HD video where available;
  • Specialised AI tool integration options that can greatly enhance the program (including transcription, speaker coaching and advanced report generation);
  • A 30-minute pre-meeting check to test connections, audio, video, and discuss the running order for the training session to ensure clarity;
  • Multiple room with multi host setup and briefing for simultaneous sessions (if required) in the event that you need to scale quickly;
  • Advice for optimal media sharing including presentation, audio visual material and interactive polling so that your facilitators feel prepared and confident.

In-Meeting Hosting
and Support

We offer:
  • On camera introduction and familiarity training to ensure a professional first impression;
  • Live technical assistance to all facilitators, presenters and participants so that your facilitators can focus on their content;
  • Access control and participant privilege management to ensure only those who are supposed to be admitted, are able to join and participate;
  • Breakout room management and logistics to facilitate multiple intimate conversations and exercises;
  • Interactive poll management, on your favorite polling system;
  • Spotlighting and virtual stage management to keep the focus on the right people at the right time;
  • Material distribution to all applicable participants to enhance engagement;
  • Recording facilitation (where appropriate and applicable);
  • Multiple room coordination (if required);
  • Global support to cater for any unforeseen in-session challenges.
An image showing a block referencing a secure meeting room link while the second block shows participants in a film strip while the presenter is talking with produced background and graphics. The room is also supported by MeetBee's live real-time translations and captions.
An image showing post virtual meeting or webinar analytics, one block referencing attendance and the other block splitting the attendance depending on meeting delegation.

Post Meeting

We offer:
  • Attendance and participation registers;
  • Recording link management;
  • Survey facilitation;
  • Custom report generation.

Your mission is to develop clients who keep coming back for more virtual training. Our mission is to help you make that a reality.

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